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MPG Anti-Spy Detector

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Discover the MPG Anti-Spy Detector, wireless hidden camera detector for home and travel, the easy-to-use bug detector is a lightweight battery-powered device with USB fast charging support, helping you to find any hidden camera quickly and instantly.

The small size of the wireless signal scanner allows you to carry it around in your pocket, purse, suitcase, or briefcase.

Product Specifications  :

    • Expand or reduce the detection range by adjusting the buttons.
    • Intelligent target locking to eliminate environmental interference and prevent false alarms.
    • Infra-red light and filters work together to quickly find hidden cameras and eliminate privacy crises.
    • Signal detection is up to 6m, the closer you are to the source the brighter the light is, so you can find the signal source intelligently and accurately.
    • 2 Hours charging, 1-month standby, with 11mAh lithium battery.
    • Support USB charging, no need to replace the battery.
    • Newly upgraded sensitive chip, 10Mhz~5GHz broadband.

    Applications :
    MPG Anti-Spy Detector has anti-recording, anti-taping, anti-recording, anti-location, and anti-theft functions which are widely used for scanning in bathrooms, fitting rooms, bedrooms, toilets, and meeting rooms to avoid any privacy leakage.

    Product Parameter  :

    • Product: MPG Anti-Spy Detector
    • Material: ABS + alloy plating
    • Battery Capacity: 110Ah
    • Charging Time: 2 hours
    • Detection range: 6 meters
    • Charging interface: Type-C
    • Weight: 25g
    • Dimensions: 91*37*13mm

    Q1: How does the hidden camera detector work?
    A1: The hidden camera detector uses LED infrared physical laser scanning technology, the detector emits infrared light which is refracted by the camera's glass mirror and filtered by a complex light filter to scan for hidden cameras.

    Q2: How to use a hidden camera detector?
    A2: Turn on the detector switch, long press the on button, red light flashes, and start infrared scanning, from the window through the special filter lens to scan, if there is a red reflective spot, you can short press the button again to adjust the flashing frequency to determine the hidden suspicious objects.

    Q3: What is a camera detector device?
    A3: A camera detector is a device that uses the principle of radio detection to capture illegally transmitted radio waves in space in order to locate the source of a bug.

    Tips: How to use the MPG Anti-Spy Detector?

    • Press the power switch on the back of the anti-spy hidden camera device twice to activate mode 2 red dot reflection scanning detection mode (the laser LED of the device lights up).
    • Keep your eyes closed to the detection window.
    • Scan the environment for a red light and look through the window for unusual red dots to detect suspicious objects.
    • Press the third button to switch off the detector device.

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