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MPG 360° Car Freshener

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This Car Freshener Makes Your Car Smell Fantastic & Removes Any Nasty Odors

When your car smells bad, you may not notice since you've used to it. This unpleasant odor is harmful to the health of you and your family. In addition, when your new dates get into your car, those foul odors will be left a bad impression on you. 



MPG 360° Car Freshener is a solar-powered rotatable aromatherapy freshener. If you're looking to freshen up the air in your car, as well as add a pleasant aroma, this product is for you. In addition, it is powered by the sunlight, so as long as you place it under the sunlight, it will begin working. This incredible freshener is both beneficial to your health and environmentally friendly.

When there is sunlight, you may position it anywhere, including on your desk, next to the windows, in front of the home, and of course in your car! In addition to being a great present, the MPG 360° Car Freshener is a stunning piece of art as a wonderful addition to any home or office.



You'll Need an MPG 360° Car Freshener for These 6 Reasons:

  Aromatherapy Function

MPG 360° Car Freshener included a pleasant aroma (randomly selected from Cologne, Lemon, Osmanthus, Ocean, & Lavender) that helps relieve stress and anxiety. 


  Air Freshener

To make your car smell better, use MPG 360° Car Freshener to get rid of any unwanted odor. Clean the air and break down the stink with ease.



The MPG 360° Car Freshener is powered entirely by sunlight. The environment is one of the main considerations in the design of these amazing gadgets.




  Waterproof & Temperature Resistant

To guarantee that it can withstand high temperatures and be washed, the MPG 360° Car Freshener was constructed using superior materials.


  Cool Décor

MPG 360° Car Freshener is a stunning piece of art as a wonderful addition to any home or office.


  Friendly to Babies & Pregnant Women

MPG 360° Car Freshener is safe to use around babies and pregnant women; the included fragrance smell may also help them deal with stress and anxiety.



Procedures for Installation

1. Remove the lid from the cover. 

2. Insert the aroma into the device.

3. Reinstall the cover lids and peel away the protective film from the device's bottom.


Product Specification: 

Product Name: MPG 360° Car Freshener
Product Color: Red / Black
Product Material: Alloy
Powered by: Solar
Product Purpose: Car Freshener


Package Included: 

1 X MPG 360° Car Freshener
1 X Aroma Scent (Randomly Select: Cologne/ Lemon/ Osmanthus/ Ocean/ Lavender)



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Customer Reviews

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Danyka Witting

MPG 360° Car Freshener

Neal Kuvalis

Thank you very much

Jeanette Donnelly

Thank you very much

Deshaun Zboncak

Thank you very much

Jaren Beahan

It smells great but it gives me the feeling that it is not a very long-lasting smell.

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