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MPG Smartphone Smart Air Cooler

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This MPG Smartphone Smart Air Cooler Can Help To Cool Down Your Smartphone Rapidly In Seconds! ❄️

All phones get hot from time to time, but a phone that’s often toasty to touch is straight-up bad news. It will drain its battery more quickly, run much slower and just it's just uncomfortable to hold or keep in your pocket.

If you are dealing with these excessive heat generated from your smart phones, stop abusing it and think about ways to cool it down to prolong battery life! Discover how this MPG Smartphone Smart Air Cooler can easily solve your problems with no hassles! 📱


With the MPG Smartphone Smart Air Cooler attached to your phone, your phone is going to look that much "COOLER". By "Cooler" we mean it, start cooling your phone NOW with this extremely fast dual engine cooling solution.

We assure you with no more overheating and stuttering gameplay experience in your lifetime ever again with the MPG Smartphone Smart Air Cooler!

 Instant Cool Down In Seconds!


Product Features:

Linear Damping Telescopic Clip
Easy Clip-On to your mobile phone, ranging from 4.5 to 7 inches, thanks to our Linear damping telescopic clip.

Fast Cooling
Not the ordinary fan cooling, but our fast cooling technology uses the same principle as the refrigerator. It is proven that with this new technology, it can cool down your phone in under 3 seconds, bringing you the peace of mind of ensuring a stable real-time streaming or gaming experience

Silent Engine Heat Dissipation
"Zeeeeee" ... hate that sound when you're having a smartphone cooler attached to the back of your phone? Well, we're here to introduce our new Silent Engine Heat Dissipation, it can effectively radiate heat generated from your phone almost silently! That way, we assure you that it'll not interfere with your gaming experience!

Expanded Heat Dissipation Area
With our extremely strong 7 square inches heat conductor and heat dissipation area, it effectively covers the CPU and also the battery modules, keeping your battery from bloating and also protecting your phone from sudden shutdowns, black screens and such. It's a MUST HAVE for Heavy mobile-users such as Mobile Gamers and Vloggers


 Can Be Used As A Phone Stand Lock

Compatible For All 4 to 6.5 Inches Smartphones

Ultra Lightweight and Portable

Product Specifications:

Input: 5V 2A
Input jack: TYPE-C
Output socket: USB
Output: about 5V a
Applicable models: 4.5-6.5in
Stretch width: 58-84mm
Product size: 100.8 x 50.8 x 17.7mm
Product net weight: 76.8g
Fan details: double fan
Speed: 5000rpm


Package Included:

1 x MPG Smartphone Smart Cooler
1 x Charging power cable
1 x User manual


Package Dimensions:

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