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MPG Premium Wireless BBQ Thermometer

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Make Your Barbecue Grilling Process Much Easier with MPG Premium Wireless BBQ Thermometer

MPG Premium Wireless BBQ Thermometer is the first Bluetooth Barbecue Probe in the world. It establishes a wireless link between the probe and your smartphone via Bluetooth. To use it, you must first download the APP "Grill ProbeE". Through the APP, it will automatically alarm you when the grilled meat reaches the predetermined temperature, making your grilling process easier.

As a result, you won't have to worry about your favorite meat being burned on the grill. You may now enjoy having fun with your family and friends while completing the grilling task. You can even play games while the meat is grilling because the APP will notify you when it reaches the desired temperature. You will always be able to enjoy delicious grilled meat with the MPG Premium Wireless BBQ Thermometer.

What You Need to Know Before Using:

1) The probe will automatically turn off after ten minutes of being away from the phone or when the oven temperature falls below 122°F. To restart the Bluetooth connection, press the 'ON' button.


2) When the probe is within a metal shielded oven, the communication distance is limited to 3.3 feet.


3) Do not use probes in the barbeque oven if there is no food.


4) The temperature of barbecued food should not exceed 185°F. The temperature of the oven should not exceed 527°F. The probe will be permanently damaged if this limit is exceeded. When this happens, the user should remove the probe as soon as possible.


5 Reasons to Have Perfect Grill Meat With MPG Premium Wireless BBQ Thermometer:

  Wireless Quality Meat Thermometer

Using the MPG Premium Wireless BBQ Thermometer and your smartphone, you can monitor the temperature of your food while grilling. To connect the Probe simply for your cooking journey, download the FREE “Grill ProbeE” APP from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

  The probe has built-in 2 temperature sensors

The barbecue thermometer can detect both the temperature of the food and the interior temperature of the oven while using the oven for grilling. On your smartphone, both temperatures will be displayed. Temperature measurement range: OVEN: 32°F527°F; FOOD: 32°F185°F.



  Three functions on “Grill ProbeE” APP

1. Recipes: With preset temperatures for 9 different types of meat (ground beef, ground poultry, beef, veal, chicken, pig, poultry, goat, and fish) and USDA-recommended doneness levels.

2. Timer: Set the grilling time based on your previous experience. When the timer expires, the app will sound an alarm to remind you.

3. Target Temperature: Customize the expected temperature at which the food will be cooked, and it will automatically sound an alarm to remind you when it reaches that temperature.


  Fast charge and connect multiple probes

It can be used for up to 4 hours after a quick charge of 10-20 minutes. The APP may also connect up to four probes at once.

  Bluetooth Connection Distance

In normal use, the connection distance is 33 feet and is reduced to 3.3 feet when the probe is within a metal shielded oven.



Product Specifications :

Food temperature range: -40~85℃
Accuracy: ±1ºC
Transmission cycle: 4s
Oven temperatue range: 0~300℃
Transmission distance: >10M
Charging time: 10-20 Minutes
Working time: >4 Hours
Product size: D6 x L145mm


How to Charge the Probe:

1. If the battery is low, keep the probe in the charger before use.

2. The USB is connected to the external power supply. While it is charging, it will display an indication. It takes roughly 10-20 minutes to charge.


What's Included?

1 x MPG Premium Wireless BBQ Thermometer (Battery not included)



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    Jay L.

    Good device. I like it.