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MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker

MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker

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MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker with BOTH PPG and ECG Sensor

The best fitness trackers are good tools for getting more active, getting more sleep and getting more insight into your overall health. They can help you track your progress and offer guidance on how hard you should be pushing yourself, too. It also becomes a great accessory to help anyone maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As exercise-oriented wearables, fitness trackers can measure your heart rate, read your blood oxygen levels, accompany you swimming and tell you if you're well-rested. When you're not working out, some can be used to pay for groceries, play music, answer texts and much more.

MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker is our hot selling high-end fitness tracker. It is equipped with both PPG and ECG sensors, instead of a single sensor normally found in generic smartwatches and fitness trackers.



Product Features :

Thermometer On Wrist
Easy measurement in the 60s.

Equipped with a Highly-Precise Thermal Conductivity Temperature Sensor
AI tech, and big data precision algorithms, accurately measure the user's body temperature. Measure the body temperature anytime, anywhere and can sync the data with APP.

24H Body Temperature Monitoring
Automatic monitoring of the body 24 hours a day, the data is synced to APP and generate a data statistics report in real-time.

Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) refers to the extent of haemoglobin that is saturated with oxygen. Understanding blood oxygen level is of great significance for us to understand our own state and protect our health.


Respiratory Rate Monitoring
The number of breaths per minute is called the respiratory rate. The human body breathes in oxygen, exhales Carbon dioxide to maintain normal lung function, adult breathing frequency is about 12-22 times per minute.

Abnormal Body Temperature Alarm
When the human body temperature exceeds the normal range of 36.1 C ~37 C, it will trigger the alarm with a vibration reminder. Know the body temperature status in time and better protect health.

Accurate ECG+PPG Monitoring
Integrated with AI network tech, intelligently calibrate monitoring errors, and customize big data in the cloud exclusive user model, which can automatically identify the monitoring model during measurement and self-learn continuously to improve the accuracy of measurement data.

Real-Time Blood Pressure Monitoring
It's a new method, real-time blood pressure measurement after connecting with mobile. APP records multiple days of data for easy observation.


Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring
The traditional way of HR monitoring based on BP status is time-consuming and labor-tensive. Use this bracelet for monitoring anytime and anywhere. It's based on the ECG measurement principle, collecting cardia bic-electric signals, you will get the result on a device in the 30s or check in on APP.

Automatic Sleep Monitoring, Know Your Sleep Quality
The bracelet automatically monitors your sleep and generates a report. Deep sleep status is at a glance.

Multiple Interfaces
Exquisite dials switch at will, meet the needs of different scenarios.

The Message, Call Reminder, Check Content On The Wrist
Sync calls, SMS, the message of social apps like WeChat, QQ, Weibo, etc. Vibrate gently, raise your hand to view.




Say Goodbye To The Charging Cable USB Direct Charge
130mAh large capacity battery, upgrade low power consumption, longer stand by with improved chip.

Intelligent Daily Activity Record
Equipped with a three-axis motion sensor, effectively filter invalid motions. Calculation of daily steps, walking distance and calorie consumption.

IP67 Waterproof Can be Worn For Swimming
Daily life waterproof, cold water (hand washing, shower, swimming), but no hot water.


Product Specifications :

  • Product Model : MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
  • Master Chip : NRF52832
  • ECG : Ti129
  • PPG Chip : Silicon Labs
  • Vibration : Loudspeaker Mute/Vibration
  • Waterproof Level : IP67
  • Battery Capacity : 130mAh
  • Manipulation Mode : Touch screen and mobile App control
  • App language: Chinese, English, traditional Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Thai, Russian etc.
  • Firmware language: Chinese, English, traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Malaysia, Korean, Poland etc.
  • Material : Front Shell: PC, Shell Electrode: Powder Metallurgy.device body:zinc alloy. Wristband: Environmental TPU
  • Color : Black, blue, red
  • Weight : The bare machine weighs 24G and the whole machine weighs 107g.
  • Operating System : Android 4.4 or above, IOS8.2 or above

Note :
MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker is able to support for software version which :
Android 4.4 or above version
IOS 8.2 or above version


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