MPG Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker


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Noelene M.

Temperature seems to be out by a degree one measurements was 33.9
I'm low but not that low.
Create export with range and export text or spreadsheet format over a period.

Jack B.

It works better than I imagined excellent watch

Lynda G.

Watch works great but having issues with paring to the phone. Every time I own the App it says the phone is disconnected.

Steven C.

I like the many sensors it has, but for some reason it is not tracking my sleep (used 2 nights so far). The firmware upgrade does not mention if I have the latest version and I see no button to check it. Also it would be nice if it had clock face choices.

Richard G.

I had difficulty syncing it to our phone. My son, who is very tech savvy, was able to accomplish this. It is friendly other than that. My BP readings are much lower than the standard cuff method, but I anticipated this because the Eye Doctor uses a pressure cuff device and the readings I got there wee always significantly better that at the Doctor's office where the traditional cuff is used.

My wife is impressed.

Can I download/export the SmartHealth data to a PC or somehow print a report? This might be useful for a doctor's visit.