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MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner

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Incredibly Intelligent Boomerang Ball That Can Fly And Float

As a parent in today's environment, we are always concerned for our kids. Gaming and browsing the internet were the two activities that occupied most of their time. Kids seldom love outdoor activities, which means that families spend less time together. As a result, we must find something intriguing to divert their attention away from those technological gadgets.

MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner is one of the most popular family bonding toys on the market right now. Its self-floating and boomerang features allow you to simply toss it to anybody and catch it, or you may throw it out and grab it as it returns. It allows you and your children to experiment with an endless amount of tossing techniques.



The MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner also has dynamic LED lighting effects. It also comes with a magic wand stick that your kids may use to control it. Moreover, there's no need to worry about it spoiling since it's drop-resistant. Because of its full protective cover, MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner is a safe toy to play with.


MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner Has These 9 Incredible Features:

  Boomerang Effect (Self-Tossing)

MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner is an intelligent 360° spinning ball, enabling your children to play independently. Simply toss it out to the air, and it will fly and spin back to you.


  Float Around On Your Palm

After softly throwing it in the air, slide your hand close to its bottom without touching it, and it will effortlessly float on your palm.


  Endless Tossing Techniques

Using its spinning function, you and your kids may try out a variety of new tossing stunts.



  Wireless & Chargeable 

A USB cord is included with the MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner, so you can easily charge it with your power bank and play with your kids.


  Child-Safety & Eco Friendly 

In addition to its amazing full-protection cover, MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner is composed of high-density polyethylene PP material, an environmentally friendly and child-safe material.


  Control With Its Magic wand 

Move the magic wand to the top of the MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner, and the spinner ball will follow. Alternatively, by waving the magic wand, the ball spinner can change color or fly higher.


  3 Colored LED Lighting

When the MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner begins spinning, it will emit a stunning LED changing light; playing in the evening is suitable as well.


  Excellent for Family Bonding

MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner is ideal for families to enjoy certain activities outdoors or indoors. Get one and start spending quality time with the kids.



Do not be worried if it falls to the floor; it will not be damaged, but it will need to be turned off and on again before it can begin playing.



1. How do I turn on/off the MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner?

Answer: Make sure the charging interface is facing up before turning it on with the power button. Holding the MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner and swinging it, the wind blade will begin to whirl and only you will be able to toss it. To turn it off, swing the MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner by holding it; the wind blade will stop whirling, and you can turn it off by pressing the power button.


2. Why is it possible for MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner to toss and fly back to you?

Answer: Due to its intelligent 360° spinning, by throwing out at an angle of 30°, and it will fly back by itself. Please practice a few times to use the boomerang trick.


3. Why does the MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner has stopped operating once it falls to the ground?

Answer: This is fine; when it hits the ground, it will stop spinning. Swing it while holding it, then throw it again when the wind blades begin to twirl.


Product Specification: 

Product Name: MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner
Product Color: Blue or Pink
Flying Distance: 5 - 10 meters 
Product Size: 9.5cm* 9.5cm* 9.5cm
Product Material: Polyethylene PP Plastic & Electric Components
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
Battery Capacity: 200mAh
Charging Time: About 25 minutes
Product Weight: 27gram 
Battery Time: 8 - 10 minutes 
Suitable Age: Over 6 years old
Charging Interface: USB 


Package Included:

1 X MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner
1 X Magic Wand
1 X USB Cable
1 X User Manual
1 X Packaging Box

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Kenneth Skates
Amazing Toy! My Granddaughter's love it!

Everyone should have one of these!