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MPG Electric Heating Pad

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Feeling Extra Sore in Your Shoulders This Winter? This Hands-Free Heating Pad IS ESSENTIAL!

The variations in air pressure caused by cold weather usually result in painful muscles and ligaments. Our most visible body part that displays the pain is our shoulder; we tend to need a massage to relieve our pain, but it is time-consuming and expensive. As a result, MPG Electric Heating Pad can assist you in relieving discomfort and soreness this winter.

MPG Electric Heating Pad is a moist & dry heat therapy pad that allows you to warm any aching part of your body, including your shoulder, back, legs, and abdomen. Simply connect it to the supplied cord and enjoy the warmth of the heating pad. With MPG Electric Heating Pad, there's no need to be concerned about catching a cold or suffering from winter aches and pains.




Even more wonderful is that it comes with 3 temperature settings, which you can effortlessly modify from high, medium, and low to meet your specific needs. Using our MPG Electric Heating Pad at the workplace or at home is excellent for enjoying some quality warm therapeutic time. 

MPG Electric Heating Pad makes a wonderful holiday present, especially in the dead of winter. Send this electric heating pad as a gift to express your love while also ensuring that they are kept warm during the winter months.



Reasons Why MPG Electric Heating Pad Is The Best Gift:

  Relief Soreness & Aching Body

MPG Electric Heating Pad relieves pain and stiffness in the shoulder and neck, back, arms, legs, abdomen, and other areas. Increases blood flow, relaxes spasms and relieves muscles.


  3 Adjustable Heat Settings

MPG Electric Heating Pad has 3 temperature settings that are readily adjustable with the included remote control. Enjoy your preferred level of warmth and coziness.


  Innovative Comfort Design

Easily button up to fit snugly around the neck and shoulders, allowing you to keep your hands free while still ensuring optimum comfort.


  Premium Washable Cotton Material

It's made with high-quality cotton for additional softness. Additionally, the cotton fabric cover may be simply removed and washed. *The heating pad is not washable.


  Automatic Shutdown, Safe & Secure 

MPG Electric Heating Pad has an automatic shut-off after 2 hours. You may relax and enjoy your precious warm time without worry.


  Wide Variety Of Use

Because of its adaptable shape, you can simply place it on your shoulder, back, leg, abdomen, or other body parts to experience the warmth and coziness.


  Most Effective in Cold Weather

During the wintertime, we constantly suffer unexpected soreness. As a result, this heated pad is great for the cold weather, and it also makes an excellent and heartwarming present.



Product Specifications:
Product Name: MPG Electric Heating Pad
Material: Cotton & Electrical Components
Power Source: Wall Socket
Power: 51-75W
Temperature Levels: High, Medium & Low
Heat Preservation Duration: 6 Hours & Under
Features: Auto Shut Off, Fast Heating & Moist/Dry Heating


Package Included:
1 X MPG Electric Heating Pad
1 X Controller
1 X User Manual


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