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Get the MPG Tesla Coil Speaker now and experience the future of wireless transmission experiment!

Introducing the innovative Musical Coil Experiment Model—an educational marvel that seamlessly integrates wireless transmission, speaker functionality, and mesmerizing neon lights.

This interactive device allows users to generate lightning at their fingertips, offering a captivating hands-on experience for science and physics enthusiasts.

Ideal for both learning and teaching, this cutting-edge model serves as an engaging tool for exploring the wonders of physics and science.

Ideal Science and Physics Teaching Model

This experiment musical coil model has wireless transmission and speaker function, and can light up neon lights. It can be touched at will to produce lightning in the hands, which is very suitable for people to learn science and physics, and is a good physics and science teaching tool.

Very Fun and Playable

This Tesla Music Coil can not only see cool lightning and play music, but also has many interesting ways to play, you can use the attached small ambient light to get close to the arc, and you will find that even if it is not connected to the wire, the light is on, You can also use iron wire to DIY your favorite shape, and fix it on the discharge pin. After connecting the power supply, you will see the iron wire emit lightning.

Here is what they say

  • Customer Testimonials: “MPG's Tesla Coil Speaker is a game-changer! The wireless transmission wowed me with its science experiments, and the protection design ensures safety without compromising music quality. Easy setup, long arcs, and Bluetooth music make it a stellar desk decoration.” - Alex M.
  • Consumer Reviews: 4.8/5 stars based on 2246+ reviews.

At MPG, our mission is to inspire curiosity, ignite a passion for science, and bring joy through innovative and educational products. Our flagship product, the Tesla Coil Speaker, serves as a powerful tool for both learning and entertainment.

The Versatile Scope of Application for the MPG Tesla Coil Speaker

It's intelligent wireless transmission experiment device—a testament to modern innovation. This Tesla coil promises to captivate both children and adults alike, offering a magical experience. We are eager to delve into the wealth of knowledge embedded within this model, unveiling the intricacies that make it a truly remarkable and educational device.

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Get the MPG Tesla Coil Speaker now and experience the future of wireless transmission experiment!
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