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MPG Smart Keychain Holder

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No more lugging around a bulky keychain that makes a lot of noise and causes a lot of inconveniences

What if you had a clunky keychain that made a cling clang noise when you walked around? It's not only noisy and unpleasant, but it also takes up valuable storage in your pocket! Additionally, the incorrect sitting position that results from carrying about a slew of keys in your back pocket might cause long-term damage to your spine.

Smart Keychain Holder that can store up to 9 keys will help you find the proper key quickly and eliminate cumbersome keys that squeak and hurt your spinal. You may also attach USB flash drive and an RFID chip at the same time with Smart Keychain Holder.




With a sandblast and oxidation process, it is formed of an aluminum alloy that is outstanding in both quality and durability. You won't have to worry about ruining or breaking your keys if you drop them. Because Smart Key Holder will always keep your keys safe. After putting all of your keys in the Smart Key Holder, you'll never forget to bring any of them again.




6 Reason That You Must Have At Least One Smart Key Holder:

  Compact Design

Because the Smart Key Holder is so compact, you won't have to stress about it taking up a lot of room in your pocket or wallet.


  Hold up to 9 Keys or More

The Smart Key Holder generally holds 4 to 5 keys, but extensible features included ensure that you can store up to 9 keys or even more! Expanding it and adding extra keys is a breeze.


  No More Clanking Noise

With the Smart Key Holder, you'll no longer have to deal with cumbersome keys that make a clattering sound and are both annoying and obnoxious.




  Can Attach Mini Tools, USBD Drive, & RFID Chip

Make the most of this keyholder by attaching micro tools, USB drives, or even RFID chips to it, too.


  Superior Material

The superior aluminum alloy used in the construction of the Smart Key Holder ensures that your keys will be safe even if you accidentally drop them.



Assembling it and putting your keys in requires no special equipment. It's a device that anyone can use!




Product Specification: 

Product Name: Smart Key Holder
Product Size: 7.2cm(L) x 1.6cm(W) x 1.8cm(H)
Product Material: Superior Aluminum Alloy
Product Color: Black


Package Included:

1 X Smart Key Holder


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