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MPG Can Opener

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It’s Time To Go Topless!

No…not that topless. It’s time to make your beverage cans topless. 

It may sound like an out-of-body experience, but beverage lovers know that the aroma of a beer can give you the utmost pleasure. The MPG Can Opener can give you this experience directly from any beverage can. With a simple squeeze and a twist of 360 degrees, you can take the top off of any beverage can.


What makes MPG Can Opener nifty? 

Makes it an excellent drinking experience – Customize your beverage with a citrus garnish to enhance the aroma and make yourself salivate. 

Gives a clean topless cut-out – It leaves no sharp edges or aluminium silver on the rim of the beverage, making it safe to drink directly from the can.


Carry it everywhere with you – The compact size and light weight let you keep it in your pocket wherever you go.

 Twist and Sip all kinds of cans- A versatile bar device that can open craft beers, soda, energy drinks, canned wine and cocktails, iced coffee, and more.

How To Use :

1. Grab the top edge of the can Or the bottom edge of the can; (Don’t grab the center of the can!)

2. Open handle and place the tool on the top of the can;

3. Squeeze the handle and rotate;

4. Align rim with handle notches and slowly rock to open the top.

Product Specifications:

  •         Product Name: MPG Can Opener
  •         Material: ABS plastic
  •         Product weight: 63 grams

Package Includes:

1 x MPG Can Opener

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