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When Your Phone Loses Power, Your Entire World Ceases To Function!
BREAKING: Engineers have created a revolutionary pocket-sized power solution to keep your devices charged on the go!

How Much Of Your Life Can Be Saved With This Phone Power Solution?

The realization hit me hard when I found myself stranded on the roadside with a drained phone battery. Without access to maps or emails, and unable to call for assistance, I felt utterly helpless.

Thankfully, a kind stranger lent me their phone to call for help, but it was a stark reminder of how dependent I am on my device. With only one contact number memorized, I narrowly avoided a major crisis, but it left me shaken.

Reflecting on the incident, I knew I couldn't afford another mishap, especially with an upcoming crucial job interview. Despite my nightly charging routine, the demands of a busy day sometimes drain the battery faster than anticipated. It's a scenario I can't risk repeating.

I decided to ask my tech-savvy friend, Ron, if he had any ideas.

When I think about emergency power banks, I envision enormous, unwieldy devices that are difficult to charge. I purchased one several years ago, but it was so inconvenient that I never used it.

Ron convinced me that was different. I purchased one, and it arrived swiftly and without any problems. I charged it and placed it on my keychain. Then I kind of forgot it was there.

A few weeks later, however, I exited my cab at the airport and took out my phone to check my flight information. My phone had died! I believed I had charged it, but it was probably not correctly plugged in.

I was about to panic when I remembered my MPG Power Plus.

It was right on my keychain! I plugged it in, and my phone restarted within seconds. I was able to receive my flight information and enough battery to last another four hours!

What Is MPG Power Plus?

It's the power bank that you don't mind carrying around.

My family adores our . We never leave the house without one.

Even if we never use them, it's nice to know that we can always charge our phones.

MPG Power Plus is a must-have tool that prevents the possibility of arriving somewhere with a dead phone battery.

Consider it battery insurance for your smartphone!


With MPG Power Plus, you'll never have to worry about your phone's battery getting low or being unable to make a call! Simply attach the MPG Power Plus to your phone to get instant power.

It provides easy, portable power for your cell phone when you need it most!


The secret to small yet powerful size is its built-in micro high-velocity charger, which provides instant power so you can do what you need when you need it!

It is also readily rechargeable, allowing you to use it repeatedly. If you have a charged MPG Power Plus, your phone will also be charged. It is that simple.


This is a power bank you will like bringing around! Other power banks are awkwardly huge and painfully heavy. Not so for the MPG Power Plus.

It's small! And it's quite lightweight! It also has a convenient loop that allows you to attach it to a key ring, bag, lanyard, or almost anywhere else you can think of.


is manufactured from a durable abs plastic which makes the device easy-to-grip and resistant to the wear and tear of life.

It’s a perfectly portable gadget designed specifically for on-the-go lifestyles and its craftsmanship reflects this. Rest assured; MPG Power Plus will be there for you when you need it the most.


Suitable for iPhone 12, 12 Pro/Max, 12 Mini, 11, 11 Pro/Max, XRs, XS/Max, X, 8, 7, 6, 6S, 5, SE, for i Pad / for Android, for Samsung Galaxy), wireless speakers, wireless headphones/earbuds, USB camping and outdoor accessories.

People Are Ditching Their Bulky, Heavy Power Banks for . It’s Not Hard to See Why

Yes, they are. Across the country, in fact. MPG Power Plus are simply better. I know a lot of folks who won't take their power banks because they are too big and hefty. But power banks don't operate if you leave them at home!

MPG Power Plus is small and lightweight enough to carry anywhere, but powerful enough to get the job done!

MPG Power Plus have become an essential accessory for everybody with a smartphone. Simply ask these delighted MPG Power Plus users!

Diego M. - Miami, FL

Having a charger that seamlessly juices up my Apple devices has been a game-changer. It's incredibly convenient having it clipped to my keychain. Using it is a breeze – just connect it to any USB port and watch your gadgets come back to life. Plus, it's versatile enough to charge both my iPad and iPhone on the go.

Aiden G. - Denver, CO

I've grown fond of this nifty little charger. Whether it's attached to my keychain or tucked away in my backpack, it's always there when I need it. Whenever my iPad or phone starts running low on battery, I simply reach into my pocket, and within moments, I'm back to full power.

Nora H. - Seattle, WA

This charger has won me over completely! Its charging capabilities are unparalleled. Compact and portable, it fits perfectly in my purse or pocket. It's not your average power pack – it's a reliable emergency lifeline. I'm definitely ordering more; one for my travels and another for my everyday needs. Couldn't be happier with this find."

It's No Surprise That They're Selling Out, But If You Want Yours, You Better Act Now

This is the mobile device charger that will recharge your phone on the spot! The is so little that it fits directly on your keychain, making it the ideal tech device to carry with you wherever you go to ensure you always have enough power!

Because of the device's popularity, the supply chain is struggling to meet demand. Make sure you don't miss out and place your order today!

Never get caught with a dead battery ever again!

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Many others agree, which is why the company is having trouble keeping them in stock.

Demand is high and supply are limited, so visit the official website straight away to ensure delivery! Don't be duped into purchasing a cheap counterfeit. Only the official website carries the genuine MPG Power Plus, the finest small charger you'll ever own!

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