MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner

  • How do I turn on/off the MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner?

  • Why is it possible for MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner to toss and fly back to you?

  • Why does the MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner has stopped operating once it falls to the ground?

Customer Reviews

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Alessia Ernser

Ordered a flying ball toy and took it to an adult birthday party for the kids to play with. It was the life of the party! Kids and adults alike chased this ball all over the place. As it seemed so much fun, I ordered two more so that I can have a gift ready for the next birthday party. It is an inexpensive simple yet so much fun.

Randall Toy

I gave one to my son rather than one of his young kids. The 6 year old finally learned not to throw but toss it softly and loves it! Only issue was when a breeze catches it, you might have to retrieve it in your neighbor's yard. Super fun!!

Hans Luettgen

I bought this item for my nephew for his birthday. And when I received it I tried it out to make sure it worked. When I turned it on and it started to spin wow!!! Just wow. The power in it. Definitely fun though. Not for small spaces. You need room for it to hover fly.
Needless to say I went and ordered one for myself and my son. It's such an awesome little gadget. Definitely worth the money.

Trinity Streich

It was fun from the minute the package was opened. Great for anyone 5 and up. Adults had great fun sending it to each other and also making it boomerang. Fun toy!

Sienna Lang

MPG LED Flying Ball Spinner