MPG Jellyfish LED Lamp & Aquarium


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Virginia V.

I bought this for my Grandson's birthday, he loves it. Bedtime was always a problem for him, the colors and movement of the "jellyfish" seem to help ease him into bedtime mode.
Ginger V.

Kylie C.

Really love this, bought for my kid 7 year old! She watches it at bedtime, she says she finds it relaxing! They look like real jellyfish.... 😀

Johnny K.

I am giving the unit 4 stars. The unit was easy to set up, and the lighting is beautiful. The jellyfish come to life with almost a 3D effect and glow beautiful colors!! ❤️

Angeline C.

I absolutely love this! I bought it for my 3 month old brother, because he gets bored easy and loves things that light up. After going to an aquarium I found out he loves glow fish, but I don't have time to clean up after real fish, so found this instead!

Jenny K.

My daughter bought this product for her dad for birthday to place on his new desk. It is a big hit. Mesmerizing and fun to watch. You do have to shake the jellies with a stick periodically to get the bubbles out of their hoods to prevent them from staying in one spot..